Southern Cross with a Malfunctioning Russian Briz-M Rocket - Explosion.

Taken 20th February 2007 2.a.m.

Don't be tricked by the appearance of the object. It was moving incredibly slow. Too slow to see any naked eye movement. The tip of this object is where the object exploded and it slowly drifted toward the left as it expanded. This object trailed to the left through this photo for ten minutes giving the appearance of a comet or fast moving meteor moving to the right but the exact opposite is true.   

This is the first time a man made explosion in space has been caught on camera.


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The image below shows my camer'a field of view and the object's path.


Star map

Captured by Ray Palmer

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Image Specifications

Exposure 30 minutes
Nikon FM2
Losmandy G-11 Gemini
Kodak Elite Chrome
Manually Guided

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