The Rho Opuichus Complex


Captured by Ray Palmer

In the top right corner, four types of nebula are visible.
Emission Nebula (red), Reflection Nebula (Yellow and Blue)
and Dark Nebula which are the dark dust lanes
running downwards toward the left.

These four different Nebula make up what is
called the Rho Opiuchus Complex. I prefer to
call this object The Traffic Light Nebula for
obvious reasons.

There is much real estate at the lower portion of this image as well.
Many other bright red nebulae can be seen sitting
inside the central core of the Milky Way.

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Image Specifications

Exposure 1 hour
Piggybacked Nikon F2 @ F2
Focal Ratio F6.3
Film Kodak Chrome Elite 200
Autoguided with GuideDog Software

Golden Grove Astronomical Observing Facility
Western Australia

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