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Raymond Palmer

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Astro Peak Observatory

My observatory is based in Perth, Western Australia.

It is possible to view and capture many different deep space objects from light polluted suburbs using filters that select which
wavelengths to capture and which wavelengths to reject (such as streetlight wavelengths).



The dome and telescope are all automated so that I never have to touch them. As I select an object using planetarium software,
the telescope slews to the target as the dome slaves and rotates to keep in sync with the telescope's narrow field of view.

Astrophotography is conducted from the observatory on CCD cameras.

Astronomical software makes it possible to track all kinds of man made satellites such as the space station, space shuttles
and any other interesting object.

In the photo below you can see a photo from my planetarium software showing me which object the telescope should be looking at (top let).
The monitor next to it (top right) shows me a live view through the telescope camera.

Other activities such as comet searches or near earth asteroid searches
can all be automated using the observatory's computers. In fact the telescopes
can be accessed and controlled from anywhere in the world (via the internet of course).

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